Reporting Facilities

So you've put your scores in, but what now? What can I do with them? Well, as you would expect, you can report on them to your hearts content.

Although these reports are all viewable online, we recognise that you may want to print them off so all our pages are styled to be printer friendly

You can also generate custom reports by filtering the scores on either the personal bests page or the main scores page. There really is no limit to how you can slice and dice your data.

The available pre-defined reports are;

Club Championship Reports

Creating reports of your club championships couldn't be simpler with ArcheryRecords. Just tick the box when you enter the scores and the reports will be generated for you.

Club championships are configured for each discipline. You can select the simplest option of one overall champion, all the way to a champion for every bowstyle, gender and age group. There really is complete flexibility built into the system.

Want to print them off to put them in your club house? Not a problem, all our web pages are printer friendly.

Automated Club Records

Once the recordsheets have been entered into the system, any visitors to your site can check the highest scores archers have shot for each round and discipline. No additional work is required by your records officer.

Club records can be grouped by;

  • Bowstyle
  • Bowstyle and Gender
  • or Bowstyle, Gender and Age Group

Your members can also easily search for any records they may hold by typing their name into the search box provided.

Round Of The Month

The round of the month is a handicap based competition that operates over a full year. It encourages new archers to compete in competitions by leveling the playing field.

Each month you nominate a day to shoot your round of the month. You would select a round group (e.g. National, Western etc.) and then archers are free to shoot any round from this group.

At the end of the shoot, you will have a winner for that month. Points are awarded to the top 10 places so that at the end of the year, there will be an overall champion.