For your members

Your record officer does a great job at keeping your scores, calculating handicaps and reporting on club championships and club records. Wouldn't it be great if your members got something as well?

ArcheryRecords gives your members direct visibility of their scores and allows them to generate reports on demand

We are also planning a free companion app (Android and iOS) that will work seemlessly with ArcheryRecords. Functionality has yet to be confirmed but we envisage that this will enable your archers to download and store their scores on their devices as well as annotate them with notes of their own. If there is something specific you feel would be good to add, please feel free to contact us with your idea so we can consider including it in the app.

Personal Bests

Do your archers manually keep track of their highest scores for each round? Would they like to see them without having to keep track themselves?

Well ArcheryRecords does just that and with no additional work for your Records Officer, they just enter the scores as normal and ArcheryRecords does the rest.

Peformance Feedback

Are your archers aware of the progress they are making on a week by week basis? Are you loosing beginners because they are not perceiving any improvement in their shooting? Well our performance charts will help give them the visibility and the encouragement they need.

The performance charts are driven off the handicaps the archers have shot and give a very visual indication of an archers performance over the selected time period (up to 10 years)

The amber zone indicates they are within 3 handicap points of their actual handicap where as the green area indicates they have shot below their handicap.