Key Features

Let's face it, maintaining your club records is a time consuming task and your records officer does a stirling job keeping up with all those scores your archers keep submitting.

To get a full appreciation of what they do, lets quickly look at whats involved. Remember this process happens every time you shoot.

  1. Check the scoresheet for errors
  2. Look up the handicap you shot
  3. Perform the required handicap alterations
  4. Check if you have attained a classification (per bowstyle and valid age group)
  5. Check the clubs highest scores to see if any have been broken

Thats a lot of work, especially in a busy club!

On top of this, each year they have to perform an annual review for every archer, for every bowstyle they shoot, for every age group they can compete within (juniors can hold classifications in more than one age group) and every discipline.

Isn't it time to give them a helping hand?

ArcheryRecords has been designed specifically for your clubs records officer. It tackles the time consuming tasks they have to perform each week with the minimum amount of clicks.

Import your existing data

When you first start using ArcheryRecords, you want to be able to get your existing records in it as quick and as easy as possible. We understand this which is why we have created a dedicated feature to do just that.

We allow you to import an unlimited number of recordsheets into the system, all you need to do is follow this simple process;

  1. Copy your records into a templated spreadsheet
  2. Drag and drop that spreadsheet onto the page
  3. Check the results of the validation
  4. Click import, and you're done

Using this facility, you can import numerous years worth of data with ease.

Easy as 1-2-3

Adding new scores into ArcheryRecords couldn't be simpler. Our wizard guides your records officer through the process of adding new scoresheets.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Enter the basics (Discipline, Round, Date)
  2. Add your archers and their scores
  3. Click Save

In addition, you can also optionally check the boxes for things like identifying club championships or round of the month competitions.

Once you click 'Save', all handicap and classification lookups and calculations are automated so its incredibly quick and easy to keep your club scores up to date.

Read more about handicap scheme automation.